Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Chicken Enchiladas!

Okay, I have to talk about Chicken Enchiladas, because I am craving them right now LOL! The last time I craved enchiladas was when I was in Mexico pregnant with my daughter. Authentic chicken enchiladas are absolutely delicious! But also from experience, even if they are not authentic they are still damn delicious! I am a taco girl though so although I do like enchiladas, my favorite is tacos so that is why I find it unusual that I am craving enchiladas. One day at work, I wanted enchiladas and they were not available so I tried to have a burrito with some of the same ingredients, didn't work but a burrito is just a burrito LOL! So, I am on a mission to make chicken enchiladas again. I love fried enchiladas but baked are just as good. I do not like to put black olives on them because that just doesn't make sense? Anyway thanks for reading my ramble : D

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