Friday, November 26, 2010

Redbox, Netflix, Blockbuster OH MY! (Pros & Cons of each)

So, I have been looking into assorted movie rental services and signed up through to see what kind of service would be better for me. For the longest time, I have used Redbox, but because I am looking into getting a big flat screen so I can see my movies better since I cannot see far away and its easier to focus on what you are watching. I want to use a service to where I can get the movies I want.

First of all, for using the trial for Blockbuster I only get 300 points for trying it out, for Netflix, I get a 1000 points on MyPoints for trying it out. Blockbuster uses 5 in store exchanges with your in mail rental service and Netflix obviously does not have that option. Although you can rent online and have it mailed to you. Netflix offers the service watching DVD's online. I like that option. Redbox, you can only rent what is available and they have new releases but you can reserve online if you do it ahead of time. Redbox is only a dollar a day. New releases in store for Blockbuster is $4.99 and you get to keep it 4 days. You get the option to rent older movies through Blockbuster (in store and through mail) and Netflix you can have them mailed to you.

So I made my decision: I am going to keep my in store membership with Blockbuster, cancel my mail in for Blockbuster. I am going to sign up for Netflix and of course every now and then get Redbox : D

This Thanksgiving weekend: I was desperate to find Eat Pray Love, so I went and got an in store membership for Blockbuster (night before signed up for the online membership) so I can grab a copy. Tried to reserve it at Redbox but they were all reserved. But I then reserved Santa Paws (for my daughter), The New Karate Kid and Sex and the City 2 and rented those 3 movies that way.

Then my daughter and myself are going to see Tangled and Burlesque at the movie theater :)

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