Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Love your phone? Love it back! : D

I just wanted to give some good advice! : P If you are going to buy an expensive cell phone that you will love always, always carry insurance and carry a backup! Why? Because anything is possible and if you have water damage your warranty will not cover it. I recently upgraded and renewed to an Blackberry Curve 8900, had it for months, took care of it, until one day, out of my own silliness I manage to get water damage from my water bottle by accident! Annoyed, I went to the AT&T Store, then contacted Asurion and sent me a new phone Fedex. All my because I had insurance! If I didn't, I would have been screwed and had to get another $300+ phone! Instead I just had a $50 deductable added to my bill and I did have to get an Blackberry Curve 8520 because they discontinued the 8900. But that is okay, because in 2011, I will be getting the Blackberry Torch 9800 ;) (Pictured is my Nokia 2410 backup phone)

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