Wednesday, October 27, 2010

I love Tacos! Especially Taco stands! : D

When I first learned about Mexican food, especially Mexican tacos, is when I married my then husband, who is from Mexico. I thought they were just absolutely delicious! With onion, cilantro, red and guacamole salsa, some even with pica de gallo. Oh its just the best food I have ever experienced and had! So now I make it a point to either make carne asada tacos every other week or visit a taco stand. My favorite are the tripas aka tripe, basically cow or pig intestines. Chewy and outstanding. : D Judge if you will, but don't knock till you have actually tried it. I decided to post about it because I finally have one by my house! WOOHOO!!! Usually I drive a few miles to get tacos because its all worth it.

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