Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Britney's BACK!

Photo by RollingStone.com

Yes after Britney whirlwind couple of years...from shaving her head, have two kids and getting married and divorced...now that she has passed through the bad and good stuff she is ready to get back on track.

Her new CD "Circus" came out today (December 2nd 2008) on her 27th Birthday! Her new song "Womanizer" is a top ten song on the music charts. She did a Documentary "Britney Spears - For the Record" to explain what she has been going through those last couple of years and why she did the things she did. I watched it and think she looks a lot healthier than she has been. No one no longer mocks her and I think she finally has the respect she deserves. Although everyone is demanding her back into the spotlight. I sense though she still just wants a normal life. During her documentary I had watched her and I completely forgot she had children, it was like it was Brand New Britney Spears all over again.

She also has been collaborating with Madonna (my favorite artist of all time). And Madonna says in Britney's documentary that she feels maternal towards her, which I can completely see why.


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