Friday, April 4, 2008

Food Review: Braza Grill

I love Food! So you will be seeing ALOT of Food Reviews! I have visited this restaurant quite a few times but just have not had a chance to give my vast opinion about the place. :)

Well, first the place has something called a full service. Which means, you have a person who comes around who gives you various pieces of meat and sometimes pineapple to eat. They are very big pieces and very delicious. The full service is hardly expensive and they always have coupons. They also have a great salad bar with the best fried bananas and three cheese mashed potatoes and I LOVE MASHED POTATOES!

If you are tired of being served all you need to do is turn your wooden marker to the color red so that they quit bringing you pieces of meat so you can catch up on your other meats!

My Partner and I always try to hit up Braza every couple of months. Its a great service and who doesn't like to be served consistently? It makes you feel SPECIAL. :)

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