Monday, February 4, 2008

Ever only LOVE one Pair of Shoes?

Ok first of all, I HATE buying shoes, its the worst torture my mother likes to put me through when we go shopping together because she cannot stand my old work shoes above.

I LOVE THOSE SHOES! They even work through snow (which means no slipping and I hate slipping!). I didn't realize how bad that they have been damaged till I looked at them closely a couple of days ago and because I can feel the snow and wet enter in my feed when I walk. Bad huh? LOL.

I have had those shoes for about 3 years, I had bought them at Payless with my mother and of course and I have not worn another pair since (unless its the weekend, I wear other shoes).

Last year I had went to Vegas and had them shined! That was a great experience! :D I also have a picture, just not sure where it is.

Anyway, I feel the end is near with my shoes - just look at the damage :P

*Cracks at the bottom of both feet
*On one side is a tear along the sole.

But they really are Great shoes and I REALLY hate Shoe Shopping! :P

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