Thursday, February 7, 2008

Dr. Pepper and Chocolate

Another one of my favorite things in the world is Dr. Pepper and milk chocolate candy bars.

I am VERY picky about my chocolate though. The chocolate needs to be milk chocolate and that is why I initially chose Hershey's but then I had better than Hershey's, SWISS milk chocolate.

Growing up my grandparents used to bring chocolate from Germany when they would come and visit and it was best chocolate ever! Then they moved to the United States and that ended that. :(

But as an adult I lived in Mexico and they had milk chocolate also and it was delicious!!! I would like to figure out the name to have it imported! :D

Pictured is the current milk chocolate I eat now which is Swiss Chocolate from IKEA.

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Anonymous said...

these are two of my favorite things. bloggernoob