Friday, October 15, 2010

KFC's Mashed Potato Bowl

I got tired of hearing how good the Mashed Potato/Popcorn Chicken bowl was so good from people at work and more recently my daughter has been eating at school? Yeah so finally tonight on my way home from work, I decided stop at KFC and try it. Unfortunately they no longer do the Popcorn Chicken bowl but the shredded chicken, I was like okay, I just wanted to try it anyway! It was alright, I thought it needed a roll of something to go with it. But I am thinking the Popcorn bowl would have been better. :)

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Myth said...

The popcorn chicken was Amazing with this. To me the shredded chicken and gravy tastes like canned dog food smells. Sure, not just 'any' canned dog food, but the fancy ones with the meat and gravy sauce. I offered a bit to my dog, he didn't even want it! lol

I even called the manager, which I've Never done in my life. She says that nationally they've taken away the popcorn chicken on the bowls, but I just read someones review who lives in California (as do I), and their bowl had popcorn chicken. The review was dated 3 weeks ago! (March 1 2011). I am not sure what is going on here... maybe they're in a different demographic market.. I don't know but I don't like the inconsistency and I Don't like the new bowls!!

KFC are you listening???